Uni students sathyagraha continues in Colombo


COLOMBO (News 1st); The Inter-University Students Federation engaged in satyagraha campaign opposite the Fort Railway Station for the second day on Tuesday (15).

They started this satyagraha on Monday (14) demanding the re-opening of Universities in the country and to withdraw the Kotelawala National Defence University Act.

Ven. Galwewa Siridamma Thero, representing the Inter-University Student Federation or IUSF, stated that the Chairman of the University Grants Commission claims that universities are to remain closed due to COVID-19.

However, he said that is not the case, and that universities are being closed in an effort to privatize education in Sri Lanka and demanded that the government refrain from doing so.

The Convener of Inter-University Student Federation, Wasantha Mudalige stated if the Government tries to bring forward the legislation to privatize education, the IUSF will lead the struggle to defeat the government


Uni students sathyagraha continues in Colombo