Matara bridge collapsed due to false promises


The huge iron bridge that was built to reach the Pigeon Island in Matara has collapsed into the sea with a group of people who were traveling there on 4 March 2022

Formerly known as the Pigeon Island of Brown Hill, Matara, this island is now a Buddhist shrine. After the tsunami disaster, the bridge was made of massive steel and iron

The bridge thus constructed quickly decayed due to sea salt. The Matara political authorities could not maintain it.

Nevertheless politicians seeking votes in Matara used this bridge as a pretext to get to their seats. But when they came to power, the promise was forgotten.

Many Southern politicians boasted that they would repair this dilapidated bridge. About a month ago, Minister Kanchana Wijesekera also came here and left promising to fix it soon.

Today, when the bridge collapsed into the sea, many people were walking on it, and at least ten of its crew were injured and hospitalized.