Fifth in the oil queue died .. there is no solution !


As of March 26, 2022, fifth deaths have been reported in the oil queue. However, the government has failed to address solution to the oil,gas and drug queues

The fifth person to die was an elderly man who was queuing for fuel at a petrol station in Athurugiriya. He died in his own car.
The deceased was an 85 year old resident of Galpotta Road, Athurugiriya.

He had come to get fuel and saw his car lying idle and the others in the queue had followed him.

He was rushed to the Athurugiriya Hospital in an ambulance but was pronounced dead at the scene.


One death was the root of the ‘Arab Spring’ that overthrew dictators in Arabia, including Colonel Gaddafi of Libya and Hosni Mubarak of Egypt.

In December 2010, a young Tunisian man, Mohamed Buvashi was burned to death. He was accused of trading without a license by the local police, who demanded a bribe and confiscated his vegetable cart for refusing to bribe.

Buvashi protested and set himself on fire. The resulting shock was the overthrow of dictatorships in many countries

There have been five deaths in oil queues in Sri Lanka so far.
Those who die fall dead. Others dieing every moment as they having miserable life in the island