Why did Victoria Nuland come to Sri Lanka?


US deputy secretary of Political Affairs Victoria Nuland visited Sri Lanka on March 22-23, 2022. During this visit, she met G.L Peiris and Foreign Secretary Jayanath Colombage.

The highlights of her visit are as follows

1. The Sri Lankan Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stated that the United States is an important partner and will work closely with the Biden administration in the future.

2. Encouraged US investment in Sri Lanka as country recovers from the epidemic.

3. GL Peris pointed out the progress made on reconciliation and human rights, including reforms to the Prevention of Terrorism Act passed by Parliament on March 22.

4. Both parties, Emphasized their intent to explore new opportunities for market access, bilateral trade, investment and tourism promotion.

5. Decided to continue cooperation on maritime security.

6. Both parties acknowledged the existing bilateral defense cooperation.

7. The United States decided to further expand its counter-terrorism cooperation with Sri Lanka.

8. The two countries also agreed on existing cooperation in education and culture

9. Victoria met Gotabhaya Rajapaksa at the Presidential Secretariat.

10. During a visit Victoria visited the Port of Colombo, also met with civil society leaders and representatives.