Lanka Truth website reveals that Avantgarde is engaged in another racket!


According to the Lanka Truth website, Avangard runs a manpower company using prisoners thus It’s a secret operation.

The article  states Avent Guard supply  prisoners to construction site and other works as labours.

More than 1000 prisoners have been deployed for this purpose. They are being held in the Watareka open-air prison with special facilities.

The article  states  employers have to pay  minimum  Rs. 2,400 / – per person per day and  Money goes to Avent guard account. 

Learned, Manpower companies that run legally have collapsed  due to the illegal operation of Avent guard 

Although complaints have been lodged with the Ministry of Labor and other government mministries , no action has been taken.

The Prisons Act restricts the movement of prisoners such as, 

1. A prisoner may not be employed in hazardous locations. A prisoner may not work at a height of more than 6 feet.

2. Prisoner  can be taken out of prison only if he is in good conduct  and has less than two years imprisonment to serve. 

However, the Lanka Truth website points out that Avangard is engaged in a racket violating all these rules and regulations.