The guest of honor at the event sports minister , Welimada Mayor speaks the truth

The speeches made by Sports Minister Namal Rajapaksa and Welimada Mayor Janaka Nishantha Ratnayake regarding the opening of the Welimada Stadium have taken a contradictory form.
The Welimada Mayor had stated that Namal Rajapaksa would attend the opening ceremony of the opening ceremony  which was held yesterday (30).
However, Namal Rajapaksa stated in a Twitter message that there was no such event in his programs.
The opening of the Welimada Stadium became a firebrand following reports that Namal Rajapaksa was attending the event.
Namal Rajapaksa’s convoy was scheduled to pass near the Bandarawela petrol station. At that time there were a large number of people to get oil. A clash erupted when the police took the initiative to remove the vehicles in the queue
At the same time, the people there blocked the road and took steps to protest vigorously. Subsequently Namal posted twitter message that he has No program in Welimada.
However, according to the Welimada mayor’s statement it seems, Namal Rajapakse was due to attend and did not attend the ceremony out of fear of the angry public.