Five PTA suspects arrested on bogus cases, released on bail

Last  28th April, Five suspects arrested under the PTA  have been released on bail. They were arrested on 1st of Aug 2021 and  almost two years in the jail .
1. Albert Sivalingam
2. Kandasamy Ramesh
3. Arunachalam Arumugam
4. Jane Prasad
5. Kumar Wadiwel Selvakala


They have been arrested under the suspicion of re-activating the  LTTE organization.  Although  2 years  in the jail TID  failed to file charges against them .

The real story is completely defendant from TID statement  .These suspects  were recognized social activists in Tamil society  .In 2020 they formed political party .  The tiger was its symbol. The  party belongs to them and it  was  recognized by the  Election commissioner too. However, they were arrested on false charges.

War mania is a necessary factor for the survival of the Rajapaksa regime. Thus, to justify the maintenance of a huge army, existence  of LTTE is essential .

Tamils associated with the military intelligence are using to create bogus LTTE . Politicians such as  Karuna Pilleyan more or less contributing  to such operations

After the arrest of said Tamils  TID created fake cases. Corrupt officials extorted money from suspects.  Corrupt lawyers were also involved. The Sri Lankan media has reported untruths without hesitation.


It is worthy to note , suspects were released  on bail  nothing but  request of the international organizations  . There are two law books in Sri Lanka. One is for wealthy bodied and another one for poor plus minorities