Gnanakka escaped and in hiding ! Dilith’s newspaper ” Aruna ” says


When Gotabhaya was running  to the presidential election,many believed he is a modern man.He spoke at the time about heavy topics such as artificial intelligence, IT parks ,  nanotechnology etc.

This writer said from the beginning that Gotabhaya was a fox who fallen into the paint bucket. After Gotabhaya became President, his  real picture  was revealed to the public.  On the one hand, he was a pagan. On the other hand he was a cunning rogue.

Gota once a week went to Anuradhapura to meet the  witch named Gnana Akka. Gota ruled the country on her instructions. Following are some of the decisions taken on her advice

1. Gnanakka recommended persons appointed to higher posts
2. Created a sandalwood forest near Parliament to atone Rajapakshas sins
3. ‘Dhammika peniya’  a  so-called  Corona medicine  was promoted and state sponsored
4. Banning chemical fertilizers and introducing non-practical organic fertilizers.
5. Digging up a gold mine in the Seruwila area after being deceived by Gnanakka’s lies
6. Withdrawal of the MCC Agreement
7. Seeing the IMF as an enemy

it  can write hundreds of stupid things done by Gotabaya  on the advice of Gnanakka.

It was this writer who first revealed the Gotabhaya-Gnanakka deal to the country. That was two years ago. The writer was even imprisoned for those letters.

The truth is like a rubber ball that is effortlessly held underwater. It is its nature to rise to the top one day. Although the author was imprisoned by an order of  Gotabhaya, the truth could not be suppressed. Gotabhaya’s nakedness is now visible to the whole world.

Gota is not the only one who has become follower of witch . Below  are some of the powerful members of the ”Gnana akka”

1. Derana Dilith Jayaweera
2. Hiru owner  Reno Silva
3. Army Commander Shavendra
4. Current IGP
‘5. Diyawadana Nilame’ Nilanga Dela Bandara of the Temple of the Tooth
6. Gammanpila, Wimal Weerawansa and so-called  patriotic gang
7. Dr. Nalin Silva’s  ‘chinthana’  Gang

Gautama Buddha has stated that it is the inner people who are destroying Buddhism. Ven. Walpola Rahula Thero has stated that the biggest harm done to Buddhism is to promote the ‘Karuna Sasana’ for Personal Benefits, leaving aside the Sasana of Wisdom. In that sense, Gotabhaya was a destroyer of Buddhism.

‘Gnana akka  and Eliyantha White are Coconut in one bunch . They claimed they could cure the corona. However, Eliantha White died of a corona infection. (Eliyantha White once treated  Sachin Tendulkar  )

Witch Gnanakka is currently hiding in a VIP house in Colombo. According to online media reports, she is hiding in a house belonging to Army Commander Shavendra