Will Anura ignite the bomb? or showcase media exhibition ?


The hyena is an animal found in African forests. Hyena can not hunt alone . Hyena is not even try for such . Normally what Hyena does, showcase its teeth to lion or tiger and snatch part of their prey. Nevertheless Lions do not bite hyenas , Because it is an animal with an unusual odor. So Hyena maintains its odor and dirt.

The JVP’s philosophy of life is synonymous with hyena. The JVP can never come to power in Sri Lanka by democratic methods . Therefore, the JVP is gnashing its teeth at the two main parties and snatch something from them. There is a stench in the JVP’s body. As a result, the major parties reluctant to attack JVP . As such, the JVP maintains its stench.

About two weeks ago, Anura Kumara said that a number of files related to corrupt ministers would be released. But as said, those files did not come out. Therefor Anura Kumara dropped new FB post . “The circle of thieves who destroyed the country expose in bulk” on May 3rd at 10.00 am at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute.

JVP has made Thousands of radical speeches and revelations then and now. Thousands of slogans were made . Thousands of boogeyman were created. The provincial council system that the JVP is embracing today was a boogeyman they created then.

It is worthy to note through out history , two major political parties used the JVP as a ladder to reach their goals . In other words, the bourgeois parties paid and got the things done by JVP.

From 2014 to 2018, Malik Samarawickrema has paid approximately Rs. 50 million to Anura Kumara from time to time.The UNP headquarters or Sirikotha treasury was emptied due to extortion paid to the JVP.

Anura Kumara was clean balled once he was taking Rs. 2.5 million from Nissanka Senadhipathi . Number of occasions Local representatives of multinational companies were blackmailed by JVP . In this way a list of abuses committed by the JVP can be written.

People have a good understanding about the JVP’s profile. This is why the JVP did not get votes despite having peoples heads at rallies. The JVP must now get rid of this dirty politics

Hundreds of thousands of young men and women are now being misled and struggling. They do not want slogans, they want action plans that make dreams come true. Rapid response to over come current challengers Sinhala version of JVP proposal Can’t even read.

Rapid response to over come current challengers Only the English version is open to the public. Oops! There is no word on debt management, dollar generation

If the JVP is a party that knows the heartbeat of the people, it must publicize how to create the socialist system dream by bargaining with the new world. We must go beyond the slogans and create a people who love the socialist system .

Otherwise, their ballot boxes will be empty every day. Capitalism and individuals will hire JVP every day