Hidden story of the on going crisis and what next ?


Sri Lanka has now reached the most difficult stage in known history. The reasons for such a situation can be understood.

1. Spending three times as much as Sri Lanka’s income.

2. Utilizing and consumption the loans obtained on high interest for day today activities

3. Launching of stupid projects by loans obtained on high interest.

These are the  main reasons for the collapse of Sri Lanka. The above mistakes are more powerful than the thefts committed by the rulers. Although the causes of the crisis are clear, the crisis is difficult to resolve. Thus  the future of the country cannot be resolve as per the perception of  an incumbent President whomsoever come to power . India and China have now taken control of a number of areas of the country. In other words India and China have seriously interfered in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs.

China did a great role to bring Gotabhaya to power.  But after coming to power, Gotabhaya shattered China’s hopes and made deals with the Indo-American cluster. Accordingly, Facts being so China became angry with the Rajapaksas. The Chinese embassy in Colombo, earlier  which functioned like a political office of SLPP, became a hotbed of conspiracies against the Rajapaksas.

The anti-Rajapakse youth movement is a Chinese product. There is concrete proof  Chinese intelligence pumped money to Front-line socialist  Party and the JVP. The current people’s struggle is one built on the ratio of 50:50 by Chinese intelligence and oppressed peopleIt is not only the Front-line socialist  Party and the JVP that are with the Chinese. Sirisena’s independent gang serving to China .  So called national movement gang led by Channa Jayasumana  serving to China  . Wimal-Gammanpila are two paid spies of China. These two weakened the Rajapaksa regime from the inside like a coconut beetle.

1. They said that the dollar should be controlled artificially
2. They said the IMF should boycott
3. They were the ones who said that the country should be locked down during the Corona era
4. They launched racist activities such as corona cremation, amending the Muslim marriage law, removing the Burqa etc: and deprived the support of  Muslim countries

5. They were the ones who provoked devastating organic revolution


Today Sri Lanka runs under  Indian aid.  China  stay as mute spectator . Sajith Premadasa’s father is a staunch anti – Indian. (Read Assignment Colombo by JN Dixit) Although Sajith is a national level politician, he has so far failed to win the trust of India. But won the trust of the China . Even when Sajith was cabinet minister, he had cold conflicts with India . Recently  Sajith  met the US Ambassador in Colombo and reportedly   Sajith’s body language was a hot topic, his  moods and movement caused  controversy.

Currently, the Indo-US coalition supports  Rajapaksas and China supports  Opposition. Nevertheless  India is not just helping Sri Lanka. Following are some of the short-term goals that India expects. If the Rajapaksas are in power, India will soon achieve these goals

1. Signing the  Economic and Technology Co-operation Agreement (ETCA)
2. Indianisation of  the  gas, oil and energy in the country
3. Construction of an MSR connecting India and Trincomalee Port

It is undisputed fact that Sri Lankan professionals feared about the  ETCA . Today Professionals execute vital role  in the fight against the Rajapaksas. Lawyers, doctors and engineers are the main ones. Yesterday, Ranil Jayewardene, a specialist doctor in Sri Lanka, refused to treat a cabinet minister in the government. These are not coincidences but  preplanned scripted episodes .Since then  Ranil Jayewardene  opposed to the  ETCA . Further he is a Anti indian , Anti Rajapkshas.

Ranil Jayawardena is a nutritionist . Minister Prasanna Ranatunga went to him to take medicine to reduce his  weight. Ranil’s channeling charges are close to Rs.10,000. Usually at a time  Rs. 50000-100000 worth prescription should be taken from a pharmacy  (He writes non-Indian medicine). If the nutrition profession becomes competitive after an agreement like ECTA , people like Ranil will be displaced . Although professionals are involved in the people’s struggle, they have two faces.

Whoever owns the presidency of Sri Lanka, it is a dream to make the country a Singapore. It is something that is not fulfilled in our lives. The queues for oil, gas, medicine and  milk powder will  take a long time to resolve . The price of a unit of electricity will increase by about three times.

At the time of writing, currency notes are being printing  at the Biyagama Press. Nevertheless Goods and services cannot be printed even if the notes are printed. These acts are contrary to IMF guidelines.Now  Sri Lanka  not only a bankrupt state but  also an anarchy state.

Even if pro-Indian Gota is replaced by pro-Chinese Sajith-Sirisena  coalition, nothing can be done.In this juncture Establishing a Sajith’s   government is a worthless  suicide mission. What the country needs now is not a slave in the Indian camp or a Chinese camp but a leader who can manage these two camps.