Stupid politicians in SLPP are totally responsible for the clash – DIG Deshabandu


At present the security forces and police  have failed to uphold the law of the country . We first spoke to the Commander in chief  Gotabhaya Rajapaksa  in order to  get some clarifies  about the situation. We called Gotabhaya’s 077210333 several times but he did not respond.

Next, we spoke to  Deshabandu Tennakoon  Senior DIG  of the Western Province. He spoke to us about the situation.

Q: We have photos and evidence  of you walking down Galle Road with Sanath Nishantha, who started the clash yesterday, we see it as a gross negligence , what do you have to say about this?

A. Obviously this conflict was caused by stupid politicians like Sanath Nishantha. My self  as a public officer,  can not avoid  interaction with  MPs .

Question: There is an allegation that the police sponsored the rioters sent from Temple Trees.
A. We did not sponsor anyone, Sanath Nishantha’s party was told several times not to go for a  confront .  It is worthy to note  when they  behaved in a riotous manner ,  fired 5 tear gas canisters at my order.

Note – Five minutes after the telephone conversation, it was reported that, Deshabandu was dramatically attacked by the people

Earlier our website revealed about a racket carried out by Nissanka Senadhipathi using prisoners. The  Senadhipathi ‘s racket was caught with the goods yesterday. We called the Senadhipathi’s number 0777316995 several times to inquire about it but he did not respond.

Yesterday it was evident, The mercenaries of Kanji pani Imran and Kimbula Ela Guna along with Pohottu supporters have attacked the unarmed civilians. It has been alleged that Sarath Weerasekara’s son had made this deal with the underworld. Facts being so We called Sarath’s 0773435111 several times to inquire about it but did not respond.

We made several attempts to contact Defense Secretary Kamal Gunaratne. We called Kamal Gunaratne on 071 222 87 88 several times, he  also did not respond.

You can also call  Gotabhaya, Senadhipathi, Sarath  and Kamal through the above numbers.  You can  ask  burning questions  whatsoever you may have.

Sri Lanka is a republic. Sovereignty belongs to the people. The government must stay close to the people in these difficult times. Phone numbers were posted for that. It is accordance with the GDPR