Frock Iraj came in yellow robe to attack Gotagama?


The April 9 attack on Galleface protesters backfired to the Rajapakse regime unexpectedly. As of now, Mahinda, Namal, Johnston, Deshabandu and 43 others who supported the attack were even banned from flying overseas .

Further, Investigations into the attack have revealed more details. A photo taken at the time of the attack has drawn intense attention. It is suspected that the person wearing the yellow robe is Iraj Weeraratne.

The evidence reveals that the person in the yellow robe is Iraj and same as follows

1. Iraj has told friends that Gotagama will be demolished  on April 9 and that he too will take part in it.

2. Iraj was also displaced that day on the counter attack launch by Protesters . Iraj spent the night with the displaced VIPs  at the Temple Trees

3. The next day Iraj went to Umandawa temple  belonging to Samantha Bhadra Thera. Then Locals heard, that Iraj  clad with a yellow robe and roaming around the temple , subsequently Umandawa temple too attacked

4. Iraj is a man known for disguised operations  . Iraj had earlier appeared in a frock to insult Ranil and his clans

5 The monk in this photo has not yet been identified. Also, there are few monks who wear yellow robes to cover both shoulders,  Magalkande Sudantha is such a monk. Sudantha Thera covers both shoulders by robe to conceal  tattoos on his body. Iraj also have  tattoos on his body.

it is worthy to note, Several times we  called  to Iraj by the  number 0777331121  to inquire about the case,  but there was no response. Then, particular  photo was sent via WhatsApp and asked clarity,  but there was no response from Iraj .

Iraj changed into a robe to deceive the protesters. After the Colombo operation backfired to them, Iraj hid in Umandawa temple .

Iraj has come up with another tactic when it is difficult to keep the yellow robe on for a long time. Accordingly, he showcased that his house had been attacked. Taking advantage of that sympathetic situation, he came to Colombo

It is learned that the alleged attack on Iraj’s house was carried out by him only.

Same way It will be revealed in the future that,  Iraj is the one who disguised as monk and attacked Gotagama