The report of the impartial inquiry into the attack on Gotagogama


Background search

By the first week of May 2022, the anti-government struggle launched by the people had intensified. So-called advisers such as Dilith Jayaweera briefed Gotabhaya that  anti-government struggle  could be quelled if Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa was removed. Accordingly, President Gota forced Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa to resign.

Mahinda is a brilliant street fighter in Sri Lankan politics. Hence,  Instead of resigning, Mahinda decided launch ”do or die ”  street fight . Gota, Basil and Namal agreed to Mahinda’s plan. Basil brought people from the villages. President  Gota undertook to protect the thugs who attacked the ‘Gotagogama’.

Defense Secretary Kamal Gunaratne was tasked with protecting the thugs and clearing the Galleface . Accordingly, DIG Deshabandu and DIG Chandrarathilaka had to protect the thugs  (Police log entry in this regard is available)

A Major General was tasked  to clear the Galleface  as soon as the  ‘Gotagogama’ was set on fire. Further  Gota’s plan was to clean the Gotagogama immediately and impose  curfew. Mahinda, Namal ,Basil, Gota are not innocent. They are the masterminds of the attack.

Schedule of attack

Johnston’s speech began at  11.36 AM  . The attack began shortly after Johnston’s speech. The Mynagama attack took place at 11.50 AM. Gotagama was attacked at 12.13 PM. Sajith was attacked at 1.32 PM. When Sajith came to the scene, Mainagama and Gotagama were set on fire.

False Evidence  by MP Ramesh Pathirana

On May 18, 2022, Ramesh Pathirana addressed Parliament . He blamed IGP CD Wickramaratne and Secretary to the public security  Jagath Alwis. Ramesh statement  was fabricated one and aim of same was protect Gota and Kamal Gunaratne. Ramesh Pathirana was part of the conspiracy and  protect the masterminds of the attack.

Divination by the thief’s mother

As of now ASP Meril Ranjan Lamahewa has been appointed to investigate the incident. He is an extremely corrupt officer. Meril Ranjan Lamahewa is the one who handed over Madush and Kosgoda Tharaka who were in the custody of CID to  Hit Squad.  These  assassinations took place with the blessings  of the President and the Secretary of Defense. An officer like Meril Ranjan was appointed to investigate the May 9, 2022 incident, not to find  the truth but to cover up the truth.

The main accused is Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, his previous offenses as follows 

1. Aiding or abetting  on abduction, extortion, murder of 234 persons including journalists .
2. There are war crimes charges at the UN Human Rights Council
3. Corruption, from the Mig deal to the construction of Mom’s grave
4. Corrupt deal and  selling of  military headquarters
5. Closing the airport to prevent foreign workers from entering and making money through hotel quarantine
6. Banning chemical fertilizers and destroying agriculture
7. Arbitrarily restricting imports and depriving  jobs
8. Artificially controlling the dollar and disrupting the economy
9. Accumulation of property in Sri Lanka and abroad with ill-gotten money
10 Causing enormous environmental damage
11. Mishandled  the pandemic,  20,000 people were died and the economy too  destroyed
12. Failure to go to the IMF on time and the country would go bankrupt


Gotabhaya’s conspiracy to  attack Gogotagama backfired as  due to slum dwellers in Colombo and office workers attacking Rajapaksa thugs

Gotabhaya, Mahinda, Basil and Namal were directly involved in planning and providing the infrastructure for the attack. Defense Secretary Kamal Gunaratne has enforced Gotabhaya’s illegal orders.

By now, Gota and his military gang have wreaked havoc which beyond repair. The wrongdoings of Gota and the military gang  must be severely punished. If the law is not enforced against their crimes, the public will take the law into their own hands. There will be a “bloodbath in the island .