IMF unhappy with the situation, an election is imminent !


Sri Lanka’s economic crisis  goes from bad to worse .As intimated by the Prime minister Ranil  by next August Small and medium enterprises will collapse and about 100,000 people will lose their jobs.  The banking system is set to collapse due to the mandatory payments on  ”forward transactions” which need to be settled by USD  and also the impact of  increasing  bad debtors. The only solution for the crisis is IMF.

The IMF has officially announced its support to the Sri Lanka. Following the discussion had  with Ali Sabri, Masahiro Nozaki Special Envoy for Sri Lanka made that announcement . Nozaki declared that  that process  would begin once a stable government is in place.

However, last week  Masahiro Nozaki expressed  his deep dismay on prevailing political situation . There are two main reasons for it.

1. The new cabinet is being a proxy of Mahinda Rajapaksha  who chased  from the power
2. All the four major political parties in Sri Lanka have exploded internally

The current cabinet is a proxy of Mahinda. It can be understood through the grid below.

On the other hand, the main political parties in Sri Lanka, SLPP, SJB,  SLFP and UNP have exploded internally.

1. The  SLPP   is now broken into several pieces. Minority parties have detached . Specially SLPP  has been irreversibly shattered mainly because  giving posts to anti-gota personnel and not giving posts to those who committed to bringing Gotabaya to power. The Gota-Mahinda conflict  also lying in a crucial juncture.

2. About 10 SJB  MPs have planned  to be non-partisan. Sarath Fonseka is preparing to seize power from the weakening SJB Party. It is possible that Sarath Fonseka will soon become the Leader of the Opposition.

3. Although Ranil grabs Sajaba MPs, the pillars of the UNP are disappointed with the party leadership . Naveen, Ravi, Arjuna and Lakshman’s group are facing this fate .They have already held talks with the frustrated Pohottu, SLFP and minority leaders.

4. The SLFP is on the verge of a natural death

In diplomatic parlance, ” Deep dismay ” means that the relevant matter is something  impossible . Hence , Masahiro Nozaki is disappointed about the  current situation means that nothing would happen. Talks with IMF is white elephant.

Although Ranil was said to be a great diplomat, now appears said claim  is untrue. Ranil, who came forward to defend Rajapaksa, could face a tragic fate.

In the forthcoming election, All four major political parties will be washed away and two new alliances will be formed.