Basil is the Mastermind of the Jeyaraj’s murder, where is law and order ?


On January 8, 2008, Minister Jeyaraj Fernandupulle received a telephone call while he was preparing to move Parliament. The caller asked Jeyaraj not to use the Negombo-Colombo road that day. The call was made by Mohamad Feros , an underworld leader in Negombo. Accordingly, Jeyaraj bypassed the Negombo-Colombo main road and proceeded to Parliament via Kaduwela.

On that day roadside bomb exploded at the Tudella Junction . Govt. Minister DM Dasanayake died due to the bomb blast. DM Dasanayake was not a challenger to the Rajapaksas or the LTTE.

This assassination was a mistake. If the conspirators want to kill DM Dassanayaka  the crowded Ja-Ela will not be chosen. Because He could have been easily target in the unpopulated Anamaduwa . The target of the bomb is not DM Dassanayake but Jeyaraj Fernandopulle .

it is worthy to note, Jeyaraj did not face any threat from the LTTE. But there was a threat from Basil Rajapaksa. There are two main reasons for it.

a. Jeyaraj opposed to the  Basil’s political arrival in the Gampaha district
b. Jeyaraj embraced Buddhism and stepped toward National leadership

Although Jeyaraj’s survived by  08.01.2008 blast, he was killed in an attack three months later. Jeyaraj was the Chief Guest at a sports meet held at Weliweriya.  On 06.04.2008 Weliweriya ground was attacked, Sixteen people including Jeyaraj, were killed by a bomb blast.

This is a fake LTTE attack. The mastermind of this attack is Basil Rajapaksa. Evidence as follows

1. LTTE declared that they have no involvement with the assassins of DM Dasanayaka & Jeyaraj

2. Two of Basil’s bodyguards (PSD) were present at the Weliweriya blast site. Immediately after the blast these two were summoned to Colombo. They came on a motorbike. While they riding towards Colombo, bikes were shot (Fired by Automatic weapons) at the Imbulgoda and the motorcycle collided with a lorry. One was taken to hospital and the other one died on the spot. Next day person who was admitted to the hospital too died.

3.JVP MP Vijitha Herath was questioned at the parliament, about suspicious operations, and Basil’s connection to the blast. Although it is recorded in the Hansard to date no one answered.

4. The second respondent in the case is SP Lakshman Cooray. The writer met him at the Magazine Prison. The summary of his disclosure is as follows. Jeyaraj’s death was a contract murder.The contract was given by Basil. The contract was awarded to the LTTE. Emil Kant from the LTTE was involved in the deal. The deal was made at the Tiran Alas’ home. The operation commander of the Jeyaraj’s assassination was Pakyarasa Pradeepan alias Sera Amman. He was arrested after Jeyaraj’s assassination. unfortunately, The first accused in the case, Sera Amman  acquitted by the Rajapakshas regime

Subsequently, Lower rank LTTE cadre, Selvarasa Kirubakaran, who was not directly involved in the murder, was named as the first accused in the murder.

Selvarasa was a person who was tasked to collect information in the capital. He used to appear as the disguised name Mohamed Lafir. Lafir  was a mobile phone trader. Lakshman Cooray has been in a relationship with Lafir. Hence, Lakshman Cooray too was not directly involved in the case.

Basil had a plan ‘B’. Lakshman Cooray was arrested according to plan ‘B.

Lakshman Cooray was a friend of the ex-president  Sirisena. Lakshman is also a Mahaweli child from Polonnaruwa. Plan B was optional and it was scheduled to apply, if there was any controversy pop up on Basil’s involvement in the blast.

Plan B was a covert operation to propagate Sirisena conspired to become the Prime Minister and Jayaraj was an obstacle to him, accordingly, he was removed by Sirisena. Thus Sirisena used Lakshman Cooray to kill Jeyaraj ( Create a deception that the Sirisena is the mastermind behind the blast)

5. Number of times, Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe has questioned in the Parliament that the police is suppressing the truth regarding Jeyaraj’s murder.

6. As per the WikiLeaks reports, the US embassy has reported that Jeyaraj’s assassination was not   LTTE Job.

7. Following the Lakshman Cooray’s imprisonment, under mentioned American diplomats visited him and inquired about the political conspiracy.
Stephen J. Rapp – Twice
Patricia A. Butenis – once
Michele J. Sison – once

8. Two discarded officers, Nimal Wakista and Prasanna Alwis inquired this case. These two were repeatedly convicted of fabricating evidence. Number of times court warned CID & TID for fabricating evidence

9.Ajitha Kadirgamar, daughter of former Foreign Minister Kadirgamar,once told Ceylon Today newspaper that her father’s assassination was an unsolved mystery. Ajitha Kadirgamar called fresh inquiry. But Jeyaraj’s wife Sudarshani never made such a request, but Sudarshani made a deal with Basil Rajapaksha.

10. At the time of Jeyaraj’s death, he owned a large wealth. He had Rs 350 crore FD in the  Golden key PLC . Upon Goldenkey PLC declared its bankruptcy no one was able to withdraw a single rupee. Nevertheless, Jeyaraj’s wife managed to withdraw Rs 3,500 crore through Basil.

Twelve years after Jeyaraj’s assassination, no one has been convicted. The real killers are freely roaming. Upon dismissal of the Minister Jeyaraj widow Sudarshani become a member of parliament. She holds a minister portfolio in every government from 2009 to 2022. Sudarshani made a deal with Basil in order to secure their ill-gotten money.  but did not do justice to the husband’s murder.

11.While Lakshman Cooray was in Bussa prison, a police hit squad tried to assassinate him

Twelve years after Jeyaraj’s assassin, I am writing this article not to attack Basil. Not because of money received from Lakshman Cooray or any other. Even not to attack Sudarshani. There are two main reasons for revealing the inside story of Jeyaraj’s murder

a). Lakshman Cooray is an undergraduate of Kelaniya University and holds a postgraduate degree from Ja’pura. He was the youngest ASP and SP in the police. He was a victim of several terrorist attacks. Lakshman Cooray was arrested under the PTA within 3 months of his marriage. As of now, He has been in prison for 12 years. There is no evidence against him, whatsoever. The Attorney General’s Department, CID, and TID are dragging this case using insidious tactics. This is a very inhumane act. It is a tragedy that journalists, politicians, and civil society remain the silent face of such injustice.

b). Lakshman Cooray reveals that Basil Rajapaksa was the mastermind behind the Jeyaraj assassination. The assassination plot took place at Tiran Alas’ home. Tiran himself has admitted that he paid money to the LTTE in 2005. He also has about 1.5 billion unpaid bank loans. Today he is the Minister of Public Security and Police. Handing over the police to such a person is like handing over a chicken coop to a fox.