Be alert,China and the Chinese Slave opposition in a conspiracy


Last week the Divaina newspaper reported a news that , Russia has agreed to supply a barrel of crude oil to Sri Lanka for a $ 35.  It is open secret that Divaina is a  pro-Chinese newspaper. The news was written by Keerthi Warnakulasuriya, who regularly publishes malicious news against India.

It is undisputed fact that, Today  Sri Lanka running under Indian credit line  . Without the Indian credit line, the country would be in severe disaster.

Any how As of now, the queues for oil, gas and milk powder have been reduced. Although aforesaid situation good citizens it is something  detrimental to the opposition. It is disadvantageous for China who is  waiting to catch  fish in the  muddy water . Therefore, these forces are creating false news and misleading the people. There are two purposes for creating false news. a) To show Ranil’s government is inefficient : b) To incite hatred towards India

At present there are a number of parties opposed to Ranil’s government
1. The main opposition led by Sajith,who is seemingly distrustful of India
2. Journalists on the Chinese payroll
3. Left-wing parties nurtured by Chinese aid, including the JVP
4. Civilian activists claiming that  are they non-partisan and  receiving wages from China

Two weeks ago, Shiraz Yunus, who maintains close ties with the Chinese and Pakistani embassies, released a misleading video in which he said that India is not helping but a engage in a racket. The video was sponsored one ( Paid and promoted )

It is worthy to note, Oil is not being supplied to Sri Lanka through a pipeline from Narendra Modi’s house. Companies like Reliance send oil to Sri Lanka. It is normal for them to keep a profit. Without Indian oil the whole country would be in the dark and Sri Lanka would be hell on earth. What matters here is not the profit that Indian companies make, but the credit line they provide in difficult times.

The Divaina newspaper report that Russia had agreed to pay $ 35 a barrel of crude oil to Sri Lanka is a lie. It costs Russia nearly $ 35 to lift a barrel of oil off the ground. To balance Russia’s budget, a barrel of oil must sell for $ 105. The length and breadth of the ‘Divaina’ lie can be understood from this numbers .

Clearly, China’s subjugated opposition is misleading the people. But please take a note Every citizen have a duty to be grateful to India for its relief in times of disaster.