Let’s identify the media terrorism – Part 1


The well-being of a country depends on the executive, legislature, judiciary and media. Sri Lanka is now a collapsed state. The above four institutions are responsible for the collapse of Sri Lanka, But only the executive and the legislature are offended for the collapse. The judiciary and the media have been respectfully escaped.

In other words , Mother Lanka  was brutally murdered. Although four culprits  were involved for this murder, only the executive and the legislature were charged . The judiciary and the media were respectfully escaped. Maj. Gen. Jagath Alwis had to loses his job since he question the judiciary. So I am silent about the judiciary.

Out of the above 4 institutions, the most fraudulent institution is the media. Because not only media involved with murder also managed to escaped from the crime. Thus they point the finger at the  executive and legislature as they are the murders.

The most dangerous people herein are the so-called journalists who have fled the country and taken asylum in western countries . There is no difference between terrorists and these journalists who carry out covert media attacks hiding in foreign counties.

I have been associated with Lanka e News for several years. There is a case pending in the court regarding this .Couple of days before  Hasanjith Kuruppuarachchi from the USA inquired about an article published in the Lanka e News website. It was a mudslinging letter written against Hasanjith’s wife Gayesha Perera.  It was set by Dhanasiri Amaratunga .But Gayesha and her husband suspected that, it was me.

Earlier, There was several articles about Pushpika Silva were published on the Lanka e News under my name. Therefore, they firmly believed  that the article about Gayesha was written by me.

It is true that I written about Pushpika. I wrote, removal of Pushpika’s crown by Corroline is reasonable  . In short and sweet , I stood with Caroline.

Context of our time Sandaruwan is criticizing Gayesha , as he want to satisfy Dhanasiri Amaratunga. In other words Sandaruwan supports Dhanasiri.

What is the truth about  Gayesha and Hasanjith ?

Conclusion –  Lanka e news  allegations are Hateful and untrue . Lets assert whether Dhanasiri is an innocent  or crook ?

1. Dhanasiri Amaratunga has been charged with three murders. The relevant files are in the possession of the CID and the police
2. While he was working as a Dehiwala mayor he has been accused of offering  jobs for the bribes
3. Trees have been cut down in the municipal area as a racket
4. He was one of the most corrupted mayors
5. Some drug traffickers were indirectly supported
6. There have been allegations of physical and mental abuse of women
7. He has contributed to disgusting deals with Mahinda, such as going to Uganda

The  journalists who  hiding abroad are the most criticizers on executive, legislature and  judiciary. But those journalists are corrupted  than anyone else. Their article on system change is like a parody of Charlie Chaplin playing the role of Rambo.

On the other hand, hiding in a foreign country and attacking citizens is terrorism. Hiding in a foreign country and attacking citizens is a heinous crime. This should be identified as media terrorism. They point their pens at selected institutions and individuals and win various demands. Facts being so they must be regulated before and after political asylum