Mother lanka No more-Blackcoat Mafia set final nail


It is undisputed fact that,MotherLanka is brutally murdered. Although four culprits were involved for this murder, only the executive and the legislature were charged . The ‘Balackcoat’  culprits and the media were respectfully escaped. We made this statement by our previous article. Even before the ink dried on the article, an incident was reported showing the nakedness and  treason of  them.

It is now clear that there is a diplomatic conspiracy behind the incident involving the Russian Aeroflot aircraft. The Judge Harsha Sethunga is involved in this case. He is well known in the judiciary as a judge closely associated with the US Embassy.

After the regime change in 2015, court case filed against Port City, case  dragged on for eighteen months. Judge Harsha Sethunga’s  name was revolved in this case.Accordingly, it was stop the construction of portcity and it create a diplomatic tension between Sri Lanka and China. It was the first  incident that the goodwill with China began to erode.

Destruction to the  Sri Lanka by Aeroflot incident as follows

1. Crisis of import of wheat flour
2. Crisis on import of chemicals including  Urea fertilizer
3. Crisis on tea exports
4. Loss of Russian veto power and true friend in UN security council
5. Crisis in the tourism industry

The decision of Harsha Sethunga will not benefit Sri Lanka at any cost,but huge destruction.Now it is evident, The complainant Irish company has spent billions on this case. CID has started investigations in this regard.

It has been revealed that the court fiscal who took the decision in the case had gone to Katunayake Airport  within a very short time and had stopped the aircraft by  threatening the airport officials.

Sumathi Dharmawardena of the Attorney General’s Department argued in favor of Aeroplot in this case. It is open secret Sumathi maintains a strong friendship with the Chinese Embassy.

Facts being so,  anyone  can understand the depth of the story we are telling