Cabinet appointments for Dhammika and other businessmen


Now Basil is  planning to step down from the  Parliament. Many may think that Rajapaksa’s politics is over. But, this is not the end of Rajapaksa’s politics and it is the  beginning of a new chapter in their politics. In other words, the Rajapaksas are preparing to play a new inning. In this context, they are not coming in to the ground, they selecting the team .

However, the Rajapaksas are handing over the country to a group of talented batsmen after destroying the country through nefarious activities such as match-fixing etc.

Form 2009 to today  Rajapaksas controlled their black money through a select group of geniuses. People like Sinhala  Pathirages, Muslim Boras controlled the black money of the Rajapaksas in right way. If the shadow team had been controlled black money very well, It is not impossible to control politics by same way.

It is a good thing that the Rajapaksas are leaving the ground, allowing a talented group to bat. This is how Dhammika Perera comes to Parliament. In fact, they should had have come to Parliament earlier. If businessmen like Dhammika Perera, Ravi Karunanayake and  Ashok Pathirage had been involved to take economic decisions earlier, the Lotus Towers would never have been built. Because ROI or Return on investment is their bible.

If Ravi has been the Finance Minister for another six months during the period of good governance, Sri Lanka would have made a huge leap in the field of e-commerce. Paypal receiving facility could had have been established in Sri Lanka . Dambane be-honey, Ambalangoda masks could had  have gone to global market  through Amazon, Alibaba etc.With the removal of Ravi from the post of Finance Minister, the paypal receiving process came for a end. Miserable Sirisena taken such decision. Such foolish decisions had a huge impact on the  country bankruptcy.

Global Park is one of the leading logistic company  in Sri Lanka. Its founder is the father of Ravi Karunanayake. If Ravi had taken economic decisions, the Hambantota port would not have happened. But he will establish ports in Dambulla, Kandy and Ratnapura. The Dry Port or Inland Port has become an important economic hub in the world today. (Going forward we expect to explain  innovative economic concepts including Dry Port)

In develop countries there are no wholesale traders . The farmer (Manufacture) contacts the retail trader directly. That’s through a network of supermarkets. If Ashok Pathirage had been the Minister of Trade, he would have established a network of supermarkets in Sri Lanka similar to Walmart and IKEA and connecting the manufacturer directly to the customer. The wholesaler who exploits the farmer is no more.

Do not forget that every dark cloud has a silver line. Mere slogans and  strikes is not the answer for hunger and Queues.  We ColomboNow  and  97% of the general public, need leaders who can restore the country as soon as possible.