Harsha turns the funeral into 24×7 gambling spot


Today, Finding food for the hungry has became difficult exercise . Srilankans are confined to survival mission. Most of Sri Lankans have withdrawn their dreams. People who have lost their dreams live in great pain.They are overwhelmed by stress. According to hospital reports, deaths by sudden heart attacks and strokes have been doubled.

In such a situation, ceasing the fire which burning the people’s heart  is a duty of every other. It is an indispensable  duty. If someone tries to increase this  fire, he cannot be a human being.

But sadly JVP and  politicians like Harsha de Silva  and Galleface artists like Damitha  serving  petrol to the fire.

A article on the JVP’s political practice is schedule to release tomorrow. Therefore, today the story is about Harsha de Silva who has turned the funeral into gambling spot.

I am writing this article from Sri Lanka, not hidden in UK .I earnestly request from either party to move for a  lawsuits if any false information published here. (I have the evidence to prove the charges herein ) Harsha is a man who has failed the GCE (Ordinary Level examination) in Sri Lanka. Harsha’s MA  and PhD in Economics at the University of Missouri also illegitimate story.

According to contemporaries at the Royal College, Harsha lived a life of lying from an early age .

As per them, Harsha’s philosophy of life is, ” Although i am not good in work ,  I will win the life by deception and fraud”. Further Harsha is a man who does any dirty thing to  reach his goal.

This writer is a victim of Harsha’s dirty work.  While the writer was arrested under the Terrorism Act and held in the Magazine Prison,Harsha told at the parliament that not a single Sinhalese imprisoned under the PTA , all are Tamils and Muslims (Harsha done a dirty speech  to get a good name from the Tamils and Muslims ).

At that time, four Sinhalese, including the writer, were being held in the Magazine Prison.It is worthy to note, superintendent of police Lakshman Cooray is still in the Magazine Prison under PTA

Following are some of the recent opportunistic scandals and statements done by Harsha.

  • Suwasariya which done by Ranil,wrote in his  name.
  • Harsha said one state bank about to collapse
  • When the money  was printed and distribute,Harsha said  5000 is not enough, 20,000 is required (it evident that Harsha is an uneducated idiot)
  • He said that the, USD was floated due to the pressure exerted by the Indian Foreign Minister who was on Colombo

It is open secret that President asked Harsha to work for the country at a difficult time by assuming a ministerial post. But instead of working , Harsha chose easy criticism.

Harsha’s criticism is not a constructive dialogue but inhuman and  traitorous one. It increases the heart attacks and strokes on poor people  also  depriving foreign  diplomats  support .

Harsha, who has such a history, told another dirty story yesterday. He said several foreign diplomats had spoken to him and  they were said that ‘SriLanka has no plan , No one would help Srilanka” .

Harsha’s stories are now being rejected by the society. Read the comments written by  Matalan and Mahinda Pathirana.Civilized society sees Harsha as a  social and political tragedy