JVP story Part-1 – Chinese hook or crook theory –


The JVP was born in 1965. Party is now 56 years old. Like other parties, JVP too has  good and bad both.

JVP leaders do not go to temples with platter of fruits and flowers .  They do not built bunkers by yellow robes of  the buddhist monks. They do not incite racism to increase the number of votes. JVP’s policy on the ethnic issue is liberal.

JVP did not stand with Sinhala Mahinda Rajapaksha even when army engage decisive war with Tamil separatists. Dematagoda Ibrahim  who involved to lit the Easter bomb, included to the JVP national list. JVP is the only party that recognizes equality and LGBT community.

Exclusive Features of the JVP 

  1. Belief in gaining power through non-democratic methods
  2. Always Pro-China and always Anti-India
  3. Owns the most organized and fastest advertising mechanism in Sri Lanka
  4. JVP maintain a monopoly on student politics. JVP drives student politics by turning all the major political parties in  into pimps. Although Kumar Gunarathna split from the JVP in 2011 and formed the Frontline Socialist Party , the JVP’s power has not diminished.
  5. Although anti-corruption band waggon has been hi-jacked by the JVP, Instead of driving same to a decisive end, continuing it as a profitable political business
  6. The party lacks internal democracy and transparency (There were only 3 leaders in the 55-year-aged  party because JVP leaders not leave the leadership until they goes with crutches or till they die).
  7.  JVP has the largest trade union movement covering both that public and private sectors. JVP also has an island-wide network of farmers’ organizations such as  paddy, vegetable and dairy farmers.
  8.  JVP is against the capitalist system. But they does not announce alternative model. Even they do not stand with socialism. Because JVP applying,any model given by China.
  9. JVP often talks about Imperialist conspiracies
  10. The political culture of the JVP is different from other parties. JVP’s exclusive features are.  Having members engage politics full time,  They used to credit their salaries to  party fund , They used to reject tie coat  as well national kit . They used to reject blessing threads and astrology

Gaining power through non-democratic methods

Today’s topic is  conspiracies of JVP, unleash violence and seize power. Many in Sri Lanka do not have a clear understanding of the JVP’s political practice. So they revolve with wrong conclusions.  ‘Comfort zone’ argument about JVP is one of such.

It is easier to criticize being in the opposition than ruling the country. This is what JVP usually does . Accordingly, some think that the JVP has no real interest to come to power. It is said that this is the reason why the JVP resigned from the ministerial posts in 2004.  Incidents being so Does  ‘opposition’ is the JVP’s comfort zone? Don’t they  want to come on power ?  The answer is, There is no other party in Sri Lanka which has  made  sacrifices to capture power as JVP. Day and night what they dreaming is  forming a JVP government

The aim of the JVP is  gain full power in the country. They are not ready to go for a coalition governments or support existing governments. Their attempt is to establish a mechanism in which the President,  Prime Minister and  Cabinet all belong to the JVP. By gaining  full power JVP wants to change the system.But  JVP does not have an  environment  to come on power by an election. Facts being so, JVP’s ‘philosophy of life’ is gaining  power through non-democratic methods.

JVP do not  hesitate to launch rebellion and seize power whenever circumstance fit for it. They do not care about the number of lives sacrifice, amount of blood flowing and the value of the property destroying .

History witnessing JVP involved 4 rebellion  in the recent past .

  1. The first rebellion  1971

1971 uprising should be read not in the “small picture” of state borders but in the “big picture” of international power politics. During this time the Soviet Union and China were  estranged. Nevertheless during this time, a mania  about revolutions were spread throughout the world.As such left movement  in the world piked up like  storm .The left movement  in srilanka too effect by this storm .That influence turned the political outlook of the Sri Lankan youth upside down. Subsequently Armed struggles also heated up in Sri Lanka to overthrow the government. This was lead by JVP leader Rohana Wijeeweera . This is reiterate,  armed struggles which was  lead  by the Left parties at that time were supported by China.

  1. 1988 – 89 Second insurrection of the JVP

In 1987, the Indo-Lanka peace Accord was signed suddenly . Because of this  agreement, fearful rumors were spread in the country. In particularly,  JVP socialized that  the country is being betrayed to India. JVP told that the arrival of the Indian army is a great disaster. (In real scenario arrival of the Indian Army to Sri Lanka’s was a advantage, thus JVP embraced the provincial councils .It proved that protest against peace Accord was not real)

Despite the real scenario JVP portrayed, Indo-Lanka peace Accord as a monster. Not only university students but also school children were used to unleash violence. The country’s civil administration was paralyzed. Subsequently JVP took up arms and tried to seize power with an armed insurgency. (Said cunning tactic which used then, JVP is using it today too )

  1. Plot, during the Mahinda-Sirisena 52 days government

On November 26, 2018, President Sirisena removed  Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe by using his executive powers. Then Mahinda was  appointed as the new Prime Minister. But Mahinda did not have   majority in parliament.  Then Ranil claimed still he is the legitimate prime minister in the country although he was removed from the post.

Accordingly there were two prime ministers in the country. There was no proper government.The whole country was in comedy. Due to these reasons country was prevailed by anarchy. Based upon with this backdrop, JVP along with Army Commander Mahesh Senanayake, plotted to seize power through a military coup. The conspiracy was failed because the plan was leaked  by embassies. (The writer has evidence to prove it )

  1. May 9, 2022 Rebellion

By March 2022, Sri Lanka was officially declared as a  bankrupt country . There were queues for fuel, gas and food. Confidence in the rulers plummeted to zero. In that situation JVP subtly provoked the people. University students and the youth communities were called for street fights. JVP provoked the people to be violent (Hundred of Houses and properties burnt down, clod blood was flowed)

The struggle launched under the non-partisan label is not real one but  it was created by JVP. Its culmination was the 9th May 2022. JVP unleashed violence and tried to usurp government power. However, the May 9 riots unveiled the non-partisan mask that the JVP had been wearing until then.

May 9th attack is the 4th Rebellion of JVP. But It did not reach a decisive end. Facts being so JVP’s 5th Rebellion is now in action. Unleashed violence and seize power in the country is continuing  as 5th Rebellion . The main role of the 5th Rebellion is playing  by the JVP cadres, Fronliners and starving people. Recently, the Chinese Ambassador went to meet  JVP Anura Kumara and Frontline Socialist Party officials . The mastermind of the JVP’s 5th Rebellion is Chinese intelligence. Further aforesaid 5th Rebellion having two main fronts, those are,

  1. The front unleashed the Violence and disrupts the administration in the country
  2. Political preachers

As such Chinese Ambassador went to Polonnaruwa to meet Maithripala Sirisena, also he met Dallas and Wimal. These Political preachers already formed  a political project called ‘Yellow Flower Movement’ with Chinese sponsorship.

As soon as Sirisena had a discussion with  the Chinese ambassador Sirisena called  an early election. It is true that Sirisena, Dallas and Wimal are Chinese slaves. But it is worthy to note, Chinese ambassador is dealing with Sirisena, Dallas and Wimal in  curry leaves dosage . Because today  Chinese true  support goes to  JVP  and Frontline Socialist Party .