How the country became a hell – NandaLal and Harsha are traitors


Today everyone can understand the relationship between national security, economy and people’s lives. As economy is collapsed national security and sovereignty are in jeopardy today.

Hundreds thousands of employers has lost their jobs. Business are collapsed. Queues everywhere. There is a food shortage in the country. It has become difficult to maintain essential services. If Pirabaharan had existed, he would have conquered the island. The length and width of the tragedy no need to explain. It is something that every citizen feels .

Nevertheless, People do not have a proper understanding as why the country become so miserable . They believe the cause of the devastation was the theft of politicians. But that is untrue. How the disaster happened and those who  responsible for it can explain by fable scenario and same as follows

Virgin named SriLanka fallen in love with a savage

The virgin here is Srilanka . The rulers have abused this virgin. This stage includes borrowing foreign loans , investing in non-profit projects and lack of transparency. Politicians are entirely responsible for this . But at this stage country is not bankrupt. County still have a future .

In Other words, Even if the virgin is in the company of savage, outside world does not know how she was misused by the savage.  As such She can have a good marriage.

Parents hold a press conference and state that,  daughter is raped

It would be foolish if the  parents of a daughter who is about to get married  hold a press conference and publicize that the daughter has been raped . Further  Her future is not depending upon virginity. If necessary, she can have surgery to regain virginity.

For the past 50 years, Sri Lanka’s economy has relied on foreign loans and aid. Without loans, aid and investment, Sri Lanka will not be able to cope. The corona pandemic  exacerbated Sri Lanka’s economic crisis.

In other words, While the one  daughter Named ‘Lanka’ is able to get married with dignity, Her parents  held a press conference and stated that the Daughter has been raped. What a tragedy that was. That is what Nandalal did.

.Nandalal declared the bankruptcy of the country  on 2022 04 12. Six days later, otherwise on April 18, country was due to pay $ 78 million. Sri Lanka could have easily paid off this installment by borrowing another loan.(Figures USD millions )

Further, till July 18 Country scheduled to pay five installments which is lower to first one .The largest payment is due on July 25. That day has not  come yet . But it has already been acknowledged that the country is bankrupt.

Woman fallen to the street nakedly

Upon particular press conference by parents situation goes bad to worse.The ‘ boy and dog’ all try to sleep with her . Men’s hesitate to marry her. She inherits the street, her life turns to hell.

Upon Nandalal’s  press conference No one will lend to Sri Lanka as Central Bank declares bankrupt. No one will invest. Lack of  USD for import. Then No oil, no gas, no money, no food. People inherits the street . Where their  lives turns to hell.

But this is not Not an inevitable karma but ‘ask and eaten ‘ . Otherwise a grief which voluntarily kept in the anal.

It is true that politicians robed the county . It is true that public money mismanaged. It is true country straggling to settle loans  .  Circumstance whatsoever Srilanka  could have taken another  loan and settle dues on time  . This is what happened in the past. But now no one grant loans .

Harsha & Nandalal are traitors.

Central Bank Governor Nandalal and so-called economist Harsha de Silva deprived  the ability to take commercial loan and possibility of applying remedies  to the crisis . Harsha & Nandalal are primarily responsible for the suffering of people today. Further national security and sovereignty are in severe danger . Apparently Harsha & Nandalal are traitors.

As Sri Lanka is a republic parliament is the powerhouse of the people. People’s mandate is supreme and that is with the parliament.

Parliament got to know the bankrupt situation by  Nanadalal’s media briefing . According to the constitution, it should be governed by the decisions of the people’s representatives. Not according to government corrupt officials like Nandalal.

There is a procedure to handle such sensitive issues . Nandalal has violated all customs, ethics and the constitution. As a example declaration of war and peace is a constitutional power of the President. It cannot be alienated

Nandalal  acted like a headless chicken. About bankruptcy Nandalal should first inform the Monetary Board . Then the Minister of Finance. Subsequently Minister of Finance should  inform the Cabinet. Following a  Cabinet approval Parliament must be notified.

This is reiterate, The suffering of the people today is one that could have been prevented. Harsha and Nandalal are closely by responsible for the peoples pain and suffering .This is a planned conspiracy

NandaLal and Harsha worked with  narrow political agenda. They planned to come to power through the blood and tears of the people. These two traitors should be prosecuted and punished.