Not more Puk touch to Nation – Sympathy of Hirunika, shame on Sajith


Yesterday Hirunika, Rajitha Senaratne and few others staged a protest in front of the Prime Minister’s private residence. At that time, only the Prime Minister’s wife  who is under medication was there . As everyone knows, she is a simple woman who rejects servants  and security guards.

However, knowing that the only Prime Minister’s wife was there, Hirunika insulted inhumanely.

” Homophile get out ”,
” Any other Homophile in inside ? ”
” Are hoppers cheap? ”

Hirunika-led group.  used  such vulgar language against PM Ranil & his wife. Some of the obscene videos have  been uploaded to Hirunika’s FB.

A series of photos and videos  touching  Hirunika’s  body during the protest went viral later.  It is how controversial those photos were, Hirunika even released an announcement on her breast . But it  did’t fit enough to  prevent the social media fire.

However, Today the Prime Minister issued a statement saying STOP insulting Hirunika  . The announcement called  respect the women.

Ranil specifically mentioned,  Hirunika is a mother of three as such to refrain from posting unwanted photographs of her. Ranil has emphasized the significance  of the motherhood and importance of keep it all above

Although  Madam Maithri Wickramasinge  not able to be a mother and Ranil not able to  be a father, it evident  that  both know the value of motherhood and fatherhood more than anyone else

Today we live in a global village . The happenings are transmitting to the world in an instant.

According to the teachings of Load  Buddha, lust is a fire. It does not say that homosexuality is bad or  heterosexuality is good. The Dhamma only says that Ranil’s lust as well as Hirunika’s lust is a fire. According to science, a person’s likes and dislikes are a genetic phenomenon.

Furthermore, although JVP is  the most radical political party in Sri Lanka, they have  recognized the rights of the  LGBT   community.

It is unfortunate for the nation that Sajith Premadasa as  Leader of the Opposition is not aware of these trends and essentials