Signs that Nandalal removes Mahinda’s underwear


On 12 April 2022 Governor of the Central Bank Nandalal Weerasinghe stated that Sri Lanka is unable to settle Foreign debts  thus  he  declared the bankruptcy  of the country.

It is worthy to note, Although Nandalal made such a statement to the world, he has not informed the Parliament. MPs too came to know such  a situation by a press briefing.

Nandalal’s arbitrary decision brought disaster to Sri Lanka. He deprived the opportunity of getting  another commercial loan and settling the dues whatsoever. Borrowing and settling is not something unusual as in the past 50 years, what Sri Lanka did was the same. As Nandalal declared  the bankruptcy today and going forward country is not in a position to borrow

If he had not made that statement, Srilanka could have taken another loan and paid off dues as well purchase fuel and gas to the country.Such scenario there will be no queues, no riots.

However, there is a saying that every dark cloud has a silver line. Seemingly  Nandalal’s decision fulfilling one great hope.Hamilton Reserve Bank Ltd., which holds more than $250 million of Sri Lanka’s 5.8% ISB has filed a case in a New York federal court seeking full payment of principal and interest.

It is worthy to note, ISB was sold by the Central Bank and it was  Purchased by the Hamilton Reserve. Rajapaksas are not involved in selling the ISB or settling it at maturity. It is the responsibility of the State.

However, Rajapaksas’ assets, which are not relevant, have been mentioned in the case . In the written report  It has mentioned  that Rajapaksa’s assets were concealed In the countries like Uganda, Dubai Seychelles  and Saint Martin.

Accordingly,by the next hearing the FBI will be tasked to find out the facts and report to the court. Near future probably Mahinda  will  face the worst case scenario.Nevertheless, this incident nothing but one episode in a large geopolitical game and Nandalal is a proxy

Although American Gota’s properties are in Sri Lanka, Mahinda’s properties are in so many countries. Because of this incident, Mahinda is not on good terms with Gota. As  CB governor Nandalal is a close associate of the president.