Journalists who reported the brutal assault of the military under threat


Recently many videos which contain military assaults on civilians have gone viral on social media. It is worthy to mention, that most of these brutal assaults were carried out by the commissioned offices of the Sri Lanka Army. The behavior of the Sri Lankan military is very crucial as an investigation is being conducted against them by the United Nations.

On the other hand, Sri Lanka, which is bankrupt, needs international support to recover from it. The international community will not help until the rulers of Sri Lanka become civilized.

The way SL Army behavior in the Kurunegala filling station is dangerous as they have made many mistakes while trying to cover up one.

1. Assault on Civilian  by Lt. Col. Kumarasinghe is an offense
2. Subsequently Army officials threatened Shasika Herath who uploaded particular to Facebook
3. Suppression of FB accounts that made constructive dialogue  on military discipline, also launch indirect threat to them

So far, social media accounts of a group of people, including Thushara Wanniarachchi, a well-known social media activist in Sri Lanka, have been temporarily suspended. She also serves as the head of the investigative desk of the Colombo Now website. Her Facebook account was temporarily suspended since she started a constructive dialogue on military discipline and expressed dismay at military assaults.