Keerthi removes Victor Iivon’s pants from his head


Recently, Chamuditha had a conversation with former Airforce officer Keerthi Ratnayake on his Youtube channel. During the session, Keerthi mentioned that Air Force Commander Jayalath Veerakkodi’s car accident came to light because of Lasantha Wickramatunga.

Said statement seemingly made Victor Ivon angry, Victor Ivan wrote a letter titled “Keerthi’s Pacha” and published it on the WhatsApp group named  ‘Voice of the world’. As Keerthi too member of said group, both collided. Below are the extracts of said conversation.

Keerthi’s reply – I am reiterating Jayalath Weerakkodi’s incident was first reported by Lasantha Wickramatunga and  I am an eye witness for it.

Further Victor Ivan’s claims about my discharge from the Air Force are false and malicious. The true story can be obtained from Mr. JC Weliamuna, a prominent lawyer in Sri Lanka.

I was in the Air Force for 8 years. Although it was a short time, I am a combat casualty and disabled officer, my right leg and the right ear was disabled permanently. However, the time I was in the air force is not relevant to the point herein.

All above, Victor Ivon was the one who recommended me to  Mr.Kumar Rupasinghe (Who headed FCE ,NAWF and Norwegian peace process ) as his advance intelligence officer.

Victor Ivan – I ask you to prove that the Sunday leader Lasantha reported said news before me. Further, I admit that I am the one who introduced you to Mr. Kumar Rupasingha but it was as a security officer not as the advance intelligence head.

Keerthi Ratnayaka – Please note, I went to Lasantha Wickramatunga as you did not publish the news,  further upon hearing the case,  Lasantha called you in front of me and asked, whether you are aware of the Air force chief’s accident. Further, I have a question to ask you, if I was dismissed from the Air Force under disciplinary issues, why was such a person recommended to Kumara Rupasinghe even as a security officer?

Victor Ivan – I do not say anything about dismissal. I asked about the background.  When did you join the Air force and your tenure? Also, why do you appear as an Air force intelligence office?

Keerthi’s answer – I have NOWHERE appeared as an Air Force intelligence officer. The intelligence piece was added by Mr.Sandaruwan Senadeera editor-in-chief of the Lanka E-News. Better you call him and ask as why he added such. Mr.Ivon Pls take a note, Having intercourse once is enough for childbirth. You don’t need to continue intercourse for years for it. So don’t consider my tenure in the Air force as an issue

After that answer, Victor Ivan ran away.

Post Note. – Keerthi Ratnayaka is the one who informed  Victor Ivan about Jayalath Veerakkodi’s car accident early in the morning. But Ivan didn’t report it until 7 days. Ivan reported it when Keerthi went to the Sunday leader Lasantha Wickramatunga . Victor Ivon is a typical crook