Why does Mr.Ravi move to Manner by Helicopter ?


Right now, social media has turned upside down regarding Former Minister Ravi Karunanayaka’s journey to Mannar by helicopter

Former minister Ravi is a businessman. An entrepreneur who exports fishery products to various countries

Sri Lanka has a sea that is 8 times bigger than the land. About 250,000 people are employed in the fishing industry. But the fisheries industry contributes only 1% to the GDP.

Sri Lanka receives USD million 220 from fish export annually. It has planned to increase same up to USD million 500 by this year.

To succeed in these targets, shrimps, squids, lobsters, and tuna should be cultivated. Mannar is the most suitable for it

Further, By using satellite technology, fishery resources to be protected from the Indian fishermen.

Those challengers can not be taken by seating in the AC room in Colombo. Ravi went to Mannar by helicopter for that purpose only

This trip could cost a maximum of $2000. (It was paid from his personal money). But in return country gains by millions. This benefit goes to every citizen

Today, the dollar has become essential for Sri Lanka, and exporting must be increased. At this juncture, It is a tragic situation to criticize Mr.Ravi

If business activities are attacked of this nature, recovering this country will be a dream.

Ending his business matters,  he visited Bishop of Mannar and Madhu Church