Did a SL politician ask bribe from Chinese ship?


The ship ‘Yuan Wang 5’ was initially allowed to enter Sri Lanka, but the Sri Lankan authorities later changed their decision.

They later requested in writing to delay the arrival of the ship to Sri Lanka. This situation was a big defeat for China. China was discarded in front of the world

Meanwhile, news spread that a politician very close to the president demanded a bribe from the Chinese ship. Ahmed Fayaz, a Maldivian military officer, in particular, stated this in a Twitter message.

Ahmed Fayaz is a close associate of the former President of Maldives Gayoom. Former President  Gayoom is a strong believer in the Chinese cult. Facts being so, the information  exposed by Ahmed Fayaz can’t be underestimated

It is true that Sri Lanka is currently facing a dollar crisis. But it does not imply that dollars are to be generated by hook or crook.

Boosting exports, the resume of the tourism industry, and innovation are definite answers to the dollar crisis.