Ranil-Sajith in a deal ! Will minor parties displace?


Currently, 20 SJB MPs are willing for an all-party government. They have also emphasized this to party leader Sajith. They have presented 5 conditions to show that the deal with Ranil is a principled one.

1. Limiting the cabinet to 15
2. Removal of Emergency law
3. Re-implementation of the 19th Amendment
4. Holding an election within 6 months
5. Preparation of an anti-corruption mechanism

As of now, this group has intimated their willingness to all-party government.  If party leader  Sajith does not accept the said proposal, they are ready to join with Ranil at the individual level.

Meanwhile, there is a group of MPs who are against the all-party government. This team gets the patronage of Sajith. If I say that Ranil too supports the Sajith-led team you will not believe it at once. But the story is true.

Ranil has proposed 3 chairmanships to the Sajith-led group. Members also are scheduled to appoint for these committees. They are supposed to be given the privileges of a cabinet minister.

Currently proposed posts are as follows:

Committee on Public Enterprises (COPE)  -Eran
Committee on Public Accounts (COPA) – Kabir
Public Finance Committee (PFC) – Harsha

It is common sense that upon offering these positions to them ( Sajith-led team ) They too will stand for the continued existence of the government

At present, Ranil-Sajith has agreed to a deal where Ranil is protected and Sajit is protected. From another angle the MPs who like the all-party government as well as the MPs who don’t like it have come under the grip of Ranil.

In this situation, the people who like the all-party government, have withdrawn the 5 conditions that they initially presented. Their collective efforts of them also have been withdrawn. They have started bargaining individually for ministerial posts

By end of this month, a few MPs from Sajith’s party are going to get ministerial posts.