Amid geopolitical tension, a heavy weapons attack on Basil by Dulles team


Today it is undisputed fact that Rajapaksa’s political camp is divided. SLPP right-wing standing with Basil. Leftist leaders are standing with Dallas.

This political rift is irreparable. That was evident when Dallas and Basil ran against each other in the recent presidential race.

The division in the Rajapakse camp has now become an international geopolitical rift. The Basil team stands in favor of India and the Dallas team stand in favor of China.

This geopolitical division was clearly seen while these two groups dealing with the ‘Yuan Wang 5’ Chinese ship

Dilan Perera is a frontline member of Dallas group. He made a serious political speech yesterday. By now it has gone viral on social media

Dilan said that the ‘crow’ should be named as the national animal of Sri Lanka. Because at the moment the country is run by a crow, said Dilan

Dilan told this story in response to the current conversation about revising Sri Lanka’s national animal

But the target of Dilan’s speech is Basil. This is nothing but, a dynamic episode of the cold war that has emerged between Basil and Dallas