Red light to Harini from Anura’s Kitchen Polit Bureau!


JVP’s political practice can only be understood by someone who has tired of its narrow policies or who has gone thru similar experiences. A bystander never understands JVP theory.

JVP is clever to point out problems and speak about crises. They are so clever to dump even non-existing problems in people’s heads.

In JVP political culture there is no room to discuss solutions. The religion of JVP is crisis”.  The whole politics of JVP is oscillating in this frame.

Solving the crisis in Sri Lanka is not easy. That is the main reason, JVP does not want to talk about solutions.

Right now  “debt crisis” is the biggest problem we are facing. All the main political parties in Sri Lanka agree to go to the IMF as a solution to the debt crisis. But  JVP is confined to the crisis, they do not talk about the solution.

For example,  ”Rapid response to overcome current challengers” the document that JVP recently released, has not mentioned any solution to the debt crisis.

What JVP usually does,  adds a few more points to a well-known incident and present it in the style of ‘I AM THE MAN’, Further JVP leaders mix their limbs, mouth, mockery, insincerity, and bogusness in their speeches.

JVP says the two parties that ruled the country for the last 75 years are corrupted.  But as  JVP is pure alike white lotus, they can recover the country.

Nevertheless, JVP does not talk about the mechanism that they apply to recover the country.

It is worthy to note, that discussion on solutions is a punishable offense in JVP political culture. It is forbidden to talk about the ground reality.

If there is a person who does not agree with these rules, he should leave the party. If not, he or she removes as per the JVP  method.

This fate befell a number of people, from former Auditor general Mayadunne to lawyer Nirupa

Harini Amarasuriya is a politician who speaks the ground reality. It was reported, that the ”kitchen polit bureau” headed by Anura has decided to remove Harini.

Recently, Nirupa stated that JVP has no vision. See the link below.

Recently Harini remarked the same. She said JVP didn’t know what shall they do after Gotabaya left ( Former President ). This statement is a slap at Anura

At present, JVP has banned Harini from speaking in public meetings. Although inquired  Harini about this, she refrained from responding.

JVP is a party with the least representation of women. JVP has got a female representation through Harini. Seemingly because of this reason  Harini is lucky to hold the position for some more time.

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