Born Again top elites punished by the God, karma paid off in the same life!


The burning of Ranil Wickramasiha’s house is an incident that has attracted everyone’s attention. CCD and CID have started an investigation in this regard.

It is worthy to note,  The suspects in the arson attack are some of Sri Lanka’s top elites.   Shashi Maharaja, Dulanjali Premadasa, Julian Bowling, Justin Martinstein,  have already been called to CID.

Neomal Perera’s son Ivan Perera, who was standing in front of Ranil’s house and incited people to set fire to the house, has now fled the country. He is currently in England. Sri Lankan police are working to bring him back to Sri Lanka with the support of Interpol

Further, all those accused of setting fire to Ranil’s house are members of the Bone Again religious cult. For this reason, various conspiracy theories about the incident are being exchanged on social media. Below is an article on such a nature.

Start of the quote,

God has punished the  ‘Born again Dewadatta cult’, karma paid off in the same life,  Sri Lanka is protected by Buddha’s power!

It was not yesterday that the ‘Born again Dewadattas’ tried to seize power through a coup.

During the last good governance regime, these Dewadattas  tried to seize power by producing bogus charges against Ranil & Ravi on the CBSL bond issue.

Deputy Finance Minister then Harsha de silva, who is a member of the Bone Again cult, conspiratorially gave a different interpretation to the  CBSL bond issue. Sirasa TV owner another front-line member of the born-again cult,  gave massive publicity to the Harsha’s fabrication

Anika Wijesuriya came alike Budda’s days to Chinchi manavikawa and launched a conspiracy against the finance minister Ravi then. Chinchi  is a  woman who falsely claimed that she had sex with the Lord Buddha and was therefore pregnant. Anika Wijesuriya is one such woman.

Today, Anika Wijesuriya’s husband, Rehan, has been accused of the burning of Ranil’s house. Indeed, these are the things that happened because of God’s glory, the miracles that happened because of Buddha’s power. A karma paid off in the same life.

The Born Again  Devadatta cult launched their second coup  in 2022  to seize power in the country

Mahinda resigned due to the fear of ”Born again Dewadatta” rebels, but Ranil fearlessly took over the  Primer post.

Gota left the post because he was afraid of the  ”Born again Dewadaatas ”. The rebels knew that Ranil would take over the vacant presidency. As such Ranil’s house was set on fire to scare him.

Not only  Ranil who was not afraid of  ‘Born-again Dewadatta’ rebels. Also, he defeated the rebellion. Accordingly, the second coup to seize power in the country failed

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