Nandalal’s threats to Sunday Times, as revealing his treason


We continued to declare that the Governor of the Central Bank  Nandalal is a traitor as he declared Sri Lankan bankruptcy without consent of the Parliament as well as we had an opportunity to settle our debts. We mentioned it last June, read the article by the below link

The Sunday Times newspaper said the same story by publishing an article titled “New revelations over SL foreign debt default” yesterday, August 21, 2022.

Now it has come to light that, upon publishing the above story by Sunday times CBSL  Governor Nandalal has threatened Sinha Ratnatunga, the editor of Sunday Times, and Bandula Sirimanna, editor of Business Times.

Further, Ranjith Wijewardena, Chairman of Vijaya Newspaper Company, has been told that the particular news is false and should not publish such news further.

Due to this situation, the Sunday Times authority has investigated the legitimacy of the article and the threat made by CBSL Governor .

It has been found that Bandula Sirimanna has tried several times to inquire from the Central Bank Governor while preparing the document. But Nandalal has not responded

Media is one of the 4 pillars of modern democracy. It doesn’t have to be under obligation to the government official. Hence, The central bank governor’s sphere of action is a threat to the free Media and democracy.