Ranil-Sajith special discussion just started – The fate of the opposition leader will be decided by this


It is no secret that Basil and Ranil had a secret discussion recently. The aim of said meeting mare negotiates ministerial posts for the SLPP MPs.

The media had reported that the meeting between Ranil and Basil was a very heated one.

The most important political discussion after the Ranil-Basil meeting is currently being held. That, the special discussion between President Ranil and opposition leader Sajith which started just.

It is not wrong to say, that today  Sajith is in the same boat as Basil. Both of them are facing the challenge of protecting their MPs. Because their MPs are breaking up.

It was reported to us that ministerial posts going to be allotted to aspirants in SJB  after these discussions.

Further, It was reported, that Sajith’s continuation as opposition leader or not will be decided by this discussion.

Post note – It is worthy to note, Not only with Basil and Sajith but also  Ranil-Dallas, several discussions have been held recently