What are the reasons caused for 2022 panty struggle ?


As we all know, Two youth rebellions happened in our country in 1971 and 89. Subsequently, Commissions were appointed to find the reasons and circumstances caused to the rebellions. In 2022 there was another youth rebellion.

Some of the main slogans of the youth rebellion of 2022 are as follows

1. Sending Gota home
2. Say No to 225 as they useless and corrupted
3. State leaders are old, they need young blood
4. Economic crisis and claim for  subsidies

By sending Gota home, Ranil came to power. This incident shows how naive the rebels were.

95% of world leaders are over 50 years old. Today only There are three countries in the world having ages less than 40, namely Finland, San Marino, and North Korea.

‘225 are Corrupted, say no them ‘ is silly talk. Because not only parliament, there are 3 more power pillars in a modern democratic country. In Srilanka More than 225, other power pillars that public service, media, and the legal sector are corrupted.

Today Sri Lanka is a bankrupt country. Many people think that the reason caused for the same is politicians.

But the actual reason is not that. Maintaining a welfare economy instead of a production economy is the true reason for bankruptcy.

The government of Sri Lanka spends three times its income.

It spends twice the amount of dollars that coming into the country for imports.

For the last 50 years, The difference between income and expenditure and dollar deficit is always compensated by borrowing dollars from abroad ( Commercial loans ). 50% of Sri Lanka’s foreign debts are such loans.

60% of the fuel imported to Sri Lanka is used to produce electricity.

The National Water Supply Department is the one that consumes the most number of units by the Electricity Board. Their annual electricity bill is  Rs 3.3 billion.

Like sunlight, electricity, fuel, gas, and fertilizers are not coming free.

Hence, Any bull can understand the formula of increasing electricity bills and water bills through the above scenario.

If economic relief is given, Ranil or Basil will not bring money from home. The people themselves have to bear that cost.

As the facts are such, a production economy should be started at least now instead of a welfare economy

Although circumstances caused 71 and 89 rebellions whatsoever, there were clear  2  factors that led to the 2022 rebellion.

1.  Youth’s lack of wisdom and general knowledge

2. The other thing is that the majority of the members of this rebellion are the children of the millennium. (Children born after 2000).

They were born with a smartphone in hand. Unfortunately, they did not get knowledge by using smartphones. They used it to find earthly pleasures. They were addicted to that pleasure. All those pleasures were imported. Due to the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, the import of those goods and services stopped Otherwise, it was disrupted.

Lacking knowledge, they thought they could find solutions through agitation. They do not know that agitations and rebellions cannot solve an economic crisis. That method is suitable for political crises only

Poor millenniums did not know that economic crises cannot be solved by struggles, but only by political crises. They did not know that the economic crisis would be exacerbated by the struggles

Facts being so, not only about a dialogue about production economy but also dialogue about general knowledge about the millenniums to be started. Otherwise, cunning elders will use children for their narrow political projects