Jihadi Boogeyman by Rajapaksas and Corruption Boogeyman by JVP


The building that is pictured here is Hq of the Dubai-based Landmark Company.  In 2021, when I resigned from this company, I served there as a  ‘Business excellence head of the territory.

The ‘Business excellence’ division is a special unit that oversees the overall operation, recommends solutions, and the experts who read the future.

The profit margin of this company is 35%.

Although Millions of frauds happen Instead of worrying about it, we enforce the Ai & Code of conduct.  The organization believes that theft and corruption is an unavoidable phenomenon.

And,  8% is reserved as the Shrinkage margin. as such we do not revolves around corruption.

The company mainly focuses on two factors
1. Increase sales.
2. Limit costs using innovation

Corruption is the main slogan of the JVP and panty strugglers. Actually,  it is a deception. To rebuild this country, we need to focus on three things

1. Increase the GDP (A production economy to be established instead of a welfare economy)

2. Budget  control (SLGov spends an amount of  three times its income,  twice the amount of dollars coming in, and finally  borrows the deficit)

3. Rule of law – (Rule of law is the only solution to corruption, and also it’s enabling the Right person to get the right place. JVP today instead of strengthening the rule of law playing with it  )

Today JVP’s most not talking subjects are above three.

As the focus of Landmark Company is sales optimization & budget control,
the focus of Sri Lanka should be on manufacturing as much as a quantity that is profitable, budget control, and rule of law.

Establishing the rule of law is not rocket science. The main reason for the erosion of the rule of law is that the Sri Lankan media is not performing its duty

JVP and panty’s struggle is a mere deception.

As the people of Sri Lanka used to stand in 5 km long queues to drink the so-called Dhammika’s corona medicine,  Politicians, JVP, and foreign enemies  know the deceiving trick