Why did Dulanjali Premadasa secretly flee the country?


Most of the suspects, setting fire to Ranil’s house as of now have been called to the CID.

Ivan Perera (Neomal Perera’s son) has now escaped to England. Rehan has postponed, his summoning to CID by influencing various people.

Meanwhile, Dulanjali Premadasa has secretly escaped abroad yesterday. She has moved abroad with her family

In this regard, the writer inquired about Dulanjali’s close friend. As she said, the reason caused for Dulanjali’s movement is hair-raising.

During the Rajapakse regime, Dulangali was caught with counterfeit money. But Mahinda Rajapakse suppressed the incident.

After Mahinda’s leaving, Dulangali’s currency racket file has been brought up again.

Accordingly, there was a definite risk of  Dulanjali to imprison. Hence, Dulanjali escaped the country with his family very secretly.

However, an investigation officer told us that even if Dulangali escaped from the country, she would not safe.