During interim budget debate, MPs are ready to crossover


Now politics in Sri Lanka has become a blood rage subject. The reason for this is the belief that the politicians are responsible for the bankruptcy of the country. Sometimes people are confused and suffer due to misunderstandings and  ignorance

Many people think that the Ranil is a puppet of Rajapaksas. That is why the name ”Ranil Rajapaksa” revolves around him.

Last presidential race, at around 120 SLPP MP s voted in favor of Ranil. If Ranil is a puppet of SLPP, he could have formed a government together with the said 120 SLPP MPs.

Ranil could have shown a stable government to the international community. The IMF condition of a stable government could have been fulfilled. But Ranil did not do so.

Ranil invited all parties to form an all-party government. Accordingly, Not only, he conduct discussions at the party level but also secret  discussions  with the MPs individually

Nevertheless, the subject of every talk of the Ranil was the ‘practical system’. Otherwise, the main subject of the secret talks with the MPs also was to reach a consensus on the handling the economy

Sri Lanka’s future politics is a decisive matter. There is no room for popular factions, such as government employees should be reduced, and loss-making government institutions should be sold. Accordingly, people will hate the ministers

Today the ruling party of Sri Lanka is SLPP, the opposition is SJB. During the parliamentary debate on the interim budget, a group of MPs are ready to cross over

A group of MPs from the opposition are going to take over the ministerial post and joined with Ranil, and some more  MPs from SLPP are going to be independent. After this crossover, the new ministers are ready to be sworn in.