Jayaraj murder case verdict on 1st Sep, hair-straightening conspiracy to conceal the truth


Lakshman Cooray is an undergraduate of Kelaniya and a Postgraduate of Ja’pura. He was the youngest ASP and SP in the police. Also, He was a victim of several terror attacks.

Lakshman was arrested under the suspicion of Weliweriya bomb blast which caused the death of the former minister Jeyaraj Pranndopulle. Lakshman Cooray was arrested under the PTA within 3 months of his marriage.

Although 12 years have passed since Laxman was imprisoned, He was not granted bail. Attorney General’s Department and TID continue this case by using insidious tactics. Seemingly it is a severe violation of the Human rights

As such, this incident received special attention from the UNHRC. Now, there is massive pressure on the government to release illegally detained suspects kept under PTA.

Meanwhile, the verdict, in this case, is scheduled to be announced on the 1st of September 2022.

Nevertheless, Laxman’s statements given in his defense are controversial. Laxman coory reveals Jeyaraj’s murder was a contract. Jeyaraj was killed by a false flag operation as he demanded the Premier position

There is credible evidence that the story revealed by Laxman is believable. It is worthy to note, that Laxman attempted to kill in the prison twice.

Legal experts are of the opinion that there is a high chance that Laxman will be acquitted by the verdict on 1st September

Facts being so, a hair-straightening conspiracy has been launched to keep Lakshman in custody for further.

Hence, a case that was thrown out by the Gampaha High Court, 12 years before has now been produced to the Colombo High Court under case number HC 3650. (This is scheduled to call on 13 Sep 2022)

This shows that the killing of Jeyaraj was not a job of LTTE but the Southern political circle.

Since Laxman Coory was labeled as LTTE, the media did not raise its voice about the injustice done to Laxman. Politicians keep mum over the injustice done to him.

It was a mirror that showed the dangerousness of the PTA  and the  hypocrisy of the civil society’s conscience

The facts being such, we hope that the honorable court will be able to protect the rule of law and justice.

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