Is the Dallas-GL crossover a sign of a political tsunami?


Today  MPs including GL.Peiris and Dulles took a seat in the opposition. After that, GL  made a special speech in the parliament. ”if the people demand an election, it should be allowed”, GL Peiris said.

With this incident, it is reported that the position of the current opposition leader Sajith Premadasa has been pushed into the danger zone.

Especially the Colombo ambassador community has paid special attention to this incident. In the current situation, there is more chance for Dallas to be the leader of the opposition

Over the last 6 months, This group has become decisive in the Parliament. They are the ones who suggested that Mahinda, should resign and create an interim government. The proposal was made in March.

Many people are of the opinion that if the Rajapakse circle implemented that proposal, the country would not be so miserable.

Dallas, GL, Wimal, and others were known as the independent group’ at that time. At that time there were about  60 in the group. Further, it is worthy note , that they were  strong enough to get the leader of the opposition post  to themselves

When the power of the independent group was increasing day by day, opposition leader Sajith was accused of making a deal with Basil for his protection. Wimal Weerawansa revealed that Sajith’s mother made a deal with Basil at Thiru Nadesan’s house.

There is no doubt that the Dulles group, which had a power of 60 in the Parliament then, is much more strongly today.