Gota is back to Sri Lanka tomorrow, what will happen?


Gota is scheduled to come to Sri Lanka tomorrow. This article is a commentary on Gota’s future. Recently, Udayanga, who is a member of the Rajapaksa family, talked about Gota. According to him, Gotabhaya is a greedy person for power and wealth.

Although Gota is ready for further politics 3 factors  have obstructed it

1. Top-class businessmen who were around Gota have left
2. SLPP politicians including Basil  not entertain Gota
3. The court cases against Gota are reactivating as soon as lost immunity

Now, Gotabaya’s Facebook brigade has also been absconded. Today, there are only a few people around Gota, that retired military comrade and a few henchmen. They expect, Gotabhaya to be given the presidency of SLPP and subsequently send him to parliament. But that hope is unlikely to come true.

Gotabaya has not been acquitted from the cases heard against him. It is worth to note, that the cases against him are temporarily suspended only. As soon as the presidential immunity is lost, those cases become active.

Last July 2nd  of 2022, The Colombo High Court Trial-at-Bar, call the Rajapaksa Memorial Museum case. Many important facts affecting today were revealed there. Judge Champa Janaki Rajaratne clearly stated to the attorney general that the defendants in the case have only been released and have not been acquitted.

The disappearance of Lalith Kumar Weeraraj and Kugan Muruganandan is another critical case against Gota. During 2015 – 2019, Gota did not appear in the courts, citing injunctions, security reasons, and health reasons. But now not only, Gotabaya lose immunity but also the people’s mandate.

More than all of the above, the lion clothes that Gota had been covering, it’s removed. His real picture was shown off in front of the world. Gota has been earned massive wealth and details pertaining to the same going to reveal in future

Further, Legal experts are of the opinion that leaving the country without the court’s permission when the case is pending can even arrest a person at the airport.