Who is afraid of the release of former SP Lakshman Coory?


Yesterday, the judgment in the case related to the killing of Jeyaraj FernandoPulle by using a bomber in 2008 was announced. Gampaha No. (01) High Court Judge Sahan Mapa Bandara announced the verdict in that case and acquitted the suspects.

Accordingly, the Former Gampaha Superintendent of Police Lakshman coory, who was imprisoned without bail for 13 years, was acquitted and released. Although the verdict was so, he was not freed. He did not come out of prison

A case that was dismissed 12 years ago has been presented again to the Colombo High Court and trying to keep him in jail for further. (We have revealed this conspiracy even before the verdict was given)

The issue here is not the filing of a case against Lakshman. The problems are,

  • The delay of 12 years in filing that case
  • Whether a top elite political figure in this country is afraid of Lakshman’s release

It has been revealed that the operators who were involved in this bombing are connected to the Karuna-Pillayan faction. There is an allegation that Karuna and the Pillayan faction are responsible for several other controversial killings including the Major General Janaka Perera .

It is worth noting that, at the magazine prison this writer met the Laxman coorey . He said that the Rajapaksas have a connection to the Jeyaraj’s murder

As per her media reports 2009-2010 DIG KPP Pathirana was accused of transporting Pillaiyan’s bomber from Trincomalee to Anuradapura which exploded on General Janaka Perera

Nevertheless, While Pathirana was in police service, he was promoted to MOD Special Investigations (Police) and Assistant Secretary, Urban Development Authority in 2009=2014.

Now Many believe that the former Gampaha SP Lakshman coory is being jailed because he spoke the truth. Facts being so, the attention of human rights activists has been focused on 3 vital points

  •  Imprison a person who was acquitted by the High Court
  •  As to why he deprived of bail for 13 years
  •  After acquittal, prosecution for the same case in another court

Nearly 100 Tamil Muslim youths imprisoned under PTA are still in jail without bail. Most of them are innocent.

The current President Ranil should think seriously about these issues. And people should understand that losing the rule of law, is a disaster not only for one person the whole country pays the compensation.