JVP and Sajith are in two opinions about the pending cases against Gota


JVP General Secretary Tilvin Silva has said that the  35 court cases which were against Gota were temporarily kept on hold due to the presidential immunity and those cases should be heard again. He has stated this while addressing a rally held in Bandargama

Ali Sabri himself stated once that the number of  Gotabaya’s cases that appeared by him was 35.  Tilvin Silva stated that it may be because of that that he got the position of Minister of Justice.

As now that immunity has ended and said 35 cases against Gotabha should be reactivated, Tilvin pointed out. Tilvin emphasized that officials should initiate necessary action on it.

However, hitherto Sajith Premadasa or SJB has not mentioned a single word about  pending cases

Addressing the press conference yesterday Prasanna Ranatunga said that during Sajith’s tenure, posters worth 14 crores were printed with the funds of the Housing Development Authority
Further during Sajith’s tenure misappropriation of 1.2 billion in the cultural fund and 460 crores for commemorative plaques, has already been mentioned in a presidential investigation report
Now it is well evident that Sajith is keeping quiet about Gota’s cases because his own cases are coming out. Sajith’s file was available in the Famous media exhibition conducted by the JVP recently, it is worth noting, that while Anura pull out Sajiths file, live coverage of the Sirasa TV mysteriously stopped.