The Rajapakse family in a dire situation – a commentary in good faith


The Rajapaksas are is well-known for practicing astrology. This article is about a mishap that happened because of their beliefs. It is worth noting, that this is not written to insult Namal or Limini.

Namal is a record breaker in dating and interacting with the opposite sex. Those days  Namal even entered women’s schools saying that he is promoting rugby for girls. Once, Namal, who trespassed on a Sirimavo girl’s college, was kicked out with contempt. There are plenty of these kinds of stories about Namal.

Namal married a girl named Limini Weerasinghe.

1. Limini is not a spitting woman in education
2. Neither is a beautiful woman
3. There is no great wealth either
4. No elite family background either
5. No political legacy either

Namal marrying Limini in such a situation is curious. A famous astrologer revealed to us the reason why Namal got married to Limini.

Namal’s horoscope is a weak one. When a messenger took this horoscope to  Ganna Akka at Anuradapura, It is said that she threw that horoscope. Further, It is said that the temple of Gnana Akka was set on fire for that reason.

There is no Raja yoga in Namal’s horoscope. But Namal is the crown prince of the Rajapaksa family. Shiranthi in particularly had been finding solutions to this problem for some time.

Many astrologers of Sri Lanka were of the opinion that there was no solution to the problem in the horoscope of Namal. But an Indian national astrologer has given a solution to this. His solution was to marry a young woman with Raja Yoga.

That’s how Limini comes into play. The reason is that there is a very powerful Rajayoga in her horoscope. Limini’s powerful horoscope matched Namal’s horoscope. Accordingly, Namal – Limini marriage took place

The Namal-Limini couple had a son named Kesara. Upon Kesara’s photo appeared on many websites including the Gossip Lanka website. Many people commented on little Kesara.

Especially contemporaries of St. Thomas College posted very controversial comments. Kesara was said to be like the deceased Wasim Tajudeen

The elders of the Rajapaksa family observed a problem with the daughters-in-law who joined the family. They said that since Limini, Tatyana and Nitisha joined the Rajapaksa family, there is nothing good but evil. There is a situation where people were spitting on Rajapaksa. All positions were lost. The property was on fire. Even the graves of the parents were crushed.

For this reason the horoscopes of Limini, Tatyana and Nitisha have been re-examined. According to the astrologer who gave us the information, doubts have been raised about the genuineness of two, out of three horoscopes. Doubts have been raised especially about the horoscope of Limini which is said to contain Raja Yoga.

The Sri Lankan astrologers have said that there is no solution to the situation after the analysis of the horoscope. As such Indian astrologers have returned back. At this juncture, It is reminiscent of the story of Aritta Ki Vendu Perumalla in the previous king’s day.

But we can give Namal advice in good faith. Buddhism is a profound religion that teaches a method of changing even the flow of karma. Buddhism teaches us how to put a stop to the flow of karma, like defaulting on bank loans and escaping.

Angulimala put a stop to his karmic flow and escaped accordingly. The best thing is to seek Dharma.