Dudley not give up – Ranil also advises on tax policy


Mahindananda’s speech that many leading businessmen in Sri Lanka do not pay taxes and the salaries of high-ranking government officials has become a far-reaching incident. As of now,  Calling Mahindananda’s speech as outrageous, the Colombo Business Club has also reported it to the President.

Meanwhile, Dudley Sirisena has addressed President Ranil and many UNP leaders about his tax compliance. Dudley has pointed out that tax policy should be implemented like a bee takes nectar without crushing the flower.

In Dudley’s speech, the bee is compared to the tax collector and the flower to the businessman. When the bee takes nectar, the pollen is nourished and the fruits are formed, The tax money collected by the government goes to the people in the form of salaries, other payments, etc. and it helps for the development of businesses
Dudley Sirisena has pointed out.

Facts being so, It has been emphasized that introducing a good tax mechanism is the responsibility of the Parliament including Mahindananda. He has also pointed out that the formulation of the tax policy is not the responsibility of the public or the businessmen.

Dudley Sirisena has also been told to appoint a proper finance minister first. It is also reported that Dudley has suggested the name of a former finance minister as the most suitable person for that.

Dudley also defined Mahindananda’s mood and behavior. It has been pointed out that Mahindananda has been hated by the people because he destroyed agriculture, and as a remedy, he is trying to win the hearts of the people by criticizing the businessmen in JVP style.

He has said that Mahindananda is a man who destroyed agriculture and Dudley Sirisena is an unblemished businessman who is connected to the lifeline of the agrarian people.

Dudley has also pointed out that government officials should be paid higher salaries according to their higher professional qualifications. Dudley has shown that for internationally recognized intellectuals, paying low wages is impractical. Dudley has pointed out that if the top intellectuals are underpaid, it will lead to brain drain.

Dudley has called Mahindananda a terrorist-type person who makes outrageous statements also by recalling the incident he destroyed the Sri Lankan cricket by making a statement that ‘Lanka ( Mahela & Sanga )  has sold the World Cup to India’.

Dudley Sirisena has stated that while it is easy to temporarily amuse the gallery by making outrageous statements, it is dangerous.

A lot of business people are flocking around Dudley right now. Mahindananda’s speech has become a ring of fire for him and for the entire parliament that has put it to shame.