Basil clashed Mahinda – Blame of killing the economy and Jayaraj is a result


The report issued about Sri Lanka by IMF and UN has stated that the bankruptcy of the country is a ‘man-made disaster’. It is worth noting, Foreign representatives stayed in Sri Lanka from June 20 to 30 and conducted necessary investigations before releasing the report

Mahinda Rajapaksa was also called to the investigation. Mahinda held the position of Finance Minister from 2019 to 2022. But during the period of IMF investigation Mahinda was in Nawaloka hospital

During the period of the IMF  inquiry, a piece of news was spread across the country that Mahinda was unwell and admitted to Nawaloka Hospital. Ignorant people waited for Mahinda to die,  but they did not know they were fooled by a piece of news created by Rajapakshas themself. Poor people were prepared to eat milk rice.

The UN report has pointed out a number of irregularities and errors that occurred during Mahinda’s tenure as finance minister. It is also stated that Mahinda avoided the investigation.

Recently, Charita Herath too exposed this investigation. According to the report, He mentioned that the economic crisis is an intentional crime. But  Mahinda’s name was not mentioned as an accused, instead, Basil’s name was mentioned

According to the UN report, 6 people are primarily responsible for the crisis

1. Mahinda Rajapaksa who held the position of Finance Minister for 2 years
2. Basil, who held the position of Finance Minister for 6 months
3. Ajith Cabral the central bank governor
4. S.R Artigala Secretary to the Treasury and the Ministry of Finance
5. Lakshman, the central bank governor
6. PB Jayasundara

As mentioned in the above para, Although Mahinda was named as an accused in the UN report, Charita Herat did not highlight his name. He placed the entire responsibility on Basil. Facts being so, We called for clarity from  Mahinda’s close associate about said matter. He said,

Even though Mahinda was the finance minister, it was Basil who handled the economy during those 2 years. Accordingly, the entire responsibility for the crisis should be debited to Basil. Further, He revealed that there is a conflict between Mahinda and Basil.

Now Jejaraj Fernandopulle’s murder has come to light again. He said it was not a coincidence. Basil believes that the responsibility for the killing of Jeyaraj placed on his account is nothing but Mahinda’s consent.

He said that Basil went to America for all these reasons. He further said that Mahinda’s only aim is to create a tomorrow for Namal and Basil factor is not important to him.