A request to take over the Finance Ministry – Ravi ruled conditions


Addressing the special event  Ravi Karunanayaka remarked, that overthrowing the UNP government is the main cause of the current crisis.

He stated that there is one civil servant for every thirteen of Sri Lanka’s population, which is four times higher than in other countries. He pointed out that 84% of the tax revenue of the government is to maintain public service and 16% is left for all other activities. Accordingly, he said that it should be decided whether to take care of two crore people or to provide comfortability to 17 lakh government employees.

He states that it is mandatory to switch to a production economy instead of a welfare economy

When Ravi was the finance minister, Introduced ways to earn dollars through innovation and creativity.

1. He did a great deal to introduce the Pay Pal system to Sri Lanka

2. He designed a mechanism to register merchant ships across the world under the SL flag

3. He introduced the concept of the dry port to the country.

4. He drew the concept of an ocean economy that maximizes benefits from the ocean, which is 8 times as large as the land of Srilanka. It is worth noting, Once upon a time country’s largest container and logistics yard belonged to Ravi’s father

But since Sirisena arbitrarily removed Ravi from the post of finance minister,  country lost all the innovative programs introduced by him 

Now Sri Lanka is at a stage where urgent surgery must be done, it is a special surgery that removes an organ and saves a life, Ravi remarked.

A number of businessmen have requested in writing that only Ravi can uplift the market economy and he is the one who assigns to the finance ministry to recover the economy.

Meanwhile, Ravi has been acquitted of all the charges filed under the Public Property Act related to the CBSL bond incident. Read details by the below link