No Rajapaksas at Shavendra’s funeral !


Yesterday President Ranil attended to pay his last respects to Shavendra’s father. But seemingly not attending Rajapaksas to the funeral has become a hot topic now.

On the day Gota returned to Sri Lanka from Thailand, Shavendra and Kamal went to Mirihane’s house. But Gota did not spend even 5 minutes with them

Meanwhile, the time  Gota talks to the ex-military officers who are loyal to him, he has spoken of Shavendra and Kamal with disdain.

Although two of them worked to bring him to power, he said that it was for their own pleasure. Gota has said that especially during the Corona period, both of them sought money very corruptly.

Gota has said that the actions of Kamal & Shawendara  greatly influenced his decline