The police attack on JVP youths is a deal made by Anura and Tiran!


Dasun Rukshan Gamlath is an active character on Facebook. He made a controversial note about the police attack on the JVP-led protest yesterday. Read the excerpt below.

Tiran Alas is a close friend of Anura Kumara. In 2010, Tiran Alas came to parliament on the JVP National list.Taking full advantage of Tiran’s parliamentary journey, he defrauded the Bank of Ceylon of Rs100 crores. This was proved in the COPE committee, But Anura did not take any action on it, nor even a single word was spoken.

Further, JVP did not speak a single word about the  62.2 crores defrauded through the  Rada deal by Tiran Allas.After Tiran became minister of law & order, thousands of activists were arrested. But no member of JVP mentioned Tiran’s name. When Sarath Weerasekera was the police minister, Anura always accused him

The Mawbima newspaper belonging to Tiran Alas is promoting Anura, The politician who has the most number of articles in the Mawbima is Anura.It is worth noting, Although JVP brought  Tiran Allas  on the national list he was rough that exploit money from LTTE

It is possible that the money earned by dealing with LTTE was given to JVP. Subsequently, JVP succumbed to Tiran’s bribes. Because of this, Anura cannot open his mouth.

It is possible that Anura made a deal with Tyran Alas,   that ” if only the  Frontline Socialist Party are attacked always, only they become heroes, hence you may give a little punch to JVP as well” A deal like that nature could happen.