Threatening and asking for ransom from Ayoma Rajapakse is an inside job?


A person has been arrested on suspicion of demanding a ransom of 10 lakhs from the wife of Gotabhaya, who was deposed by the people.

We asked for clarity from one investigative officer regarding this matter. He said that there may be a different story behind this incident and that the person who demanded the ransom could be someone like Namal Kumara.

We inquired one of the Former MP of JVP  about this incident. He said JVP is getting ready to question the Parliament about the expenses incurred for the maintenance of Gotabhaya. Simultaneously, a Facebook campaign has already been started.

“A house from Colombo 7, 10 official vehicles, 5000 liters of fuel, 100 staff, for security 150 soldiers and 100 policemen. The monthly cost to maintain the Gotabaya Rajapaksha, who was overthrown by the people is 110 million. Such posters have already been released on social media.

To get away from these charges, a drama stating that a Tamilian was asked for ransom is orchestrated.  If the  game of gunny bag is an art, Gotabaya could be its Picasso and Enacting conspiratorial dramas, he  trying to mislead the people, he said

He also said that Ayoma Rajapakse’s simplicity is a deception. He said that today Gotabhaya has collected a huge amount of assets and son Manoj and Mother  Ayoma are managing those by employing proxies. For power and wealth, Ayoma Rajapakse every week used to go to Anuradapura by public money to see the disgraced witch called Gnnakka